Annual Exams and Vaccinations

In the long run, preventive care will always be better than reacting to a health issue that could have been prevented. Like humans, your pet will greatly benefit from regular wellness examinations throughout its life. Regardless of your pet’s age, an annual exam will help establish your pet’s baseline levels so that the veterinarian can monitor any physical changes before they become serious. During your visit, we will discuss your pet’s weight, nutrition, behavior, exercise, and regular activities.

Based on the veterinarian’s findings during the annual exam, we will make recommendations for your pet to make sure they are feeling great!

Part of the annual exam is to make sure your pet is up-to-date on vaccinations, their weight and diet are being properly managed, and their dental and overall health is in order.

We can also update their Bordetella vaccination as it is required by local boarding facilities to reduce the spread of Kennel Cough. The rabies vaccination and certification is required by law for cats, dogs, and ferrets. The first one is good for one year. Each additional rabies vaccinations are good for 3 years.

Our in-house laboratory and fully-stocked pharmacy make a complete annual exam fully comprehensive in our facilities. We don’t need to outsource anything, so you will have everything you need in one place!

To schedule your pet’s annual examination, please call Park Place Veterinary Hospital at 603-357-4049.

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